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About BBS Xchange
Background Info:
BBS Xchange was started in early February 1997 by Matt Rung. BBS Xchange was desiged to help link BBS-related sites together. BBS Xchange was also meant as a replacement for LinkExchange on those BBS-related sites that use that service. Most BBS-related sites on LinkExchange get very poor click through ratios, but on BBS Xchange, because of the nature of the sites and visitors, the click through ratios are much higher. We plan on bringing the whole BBS -community together through BBS Xchange.

Just a letter of encouragement to you guys.. Your doing a great job! keep up the good work.
I was with linkexchange for over a year and have only been with BBS Xchange for a few weeks and have already received more hits to my site through the banner then with the other.. It's great!
Thanks for the great service!

-eXtrEmISts BBS

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