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Why use BBS Xchange?

BBS Xchange has several advantages over other banner programs.

First, there are no ratios. Banners are randomly picked to be shown. Therefore, even with a low-hit site, your banner is still shown.

Second, BBS Xchange is only for BBS related pages. (Don't know what a BBS is? Go here.) Nothing else is accepted. Your banner is shown only on other BBS related pages. Your banner has a much greater chance of being clicked on.

Third, because of the focus of BBS Xchange, we have very high click through ratios (CTR). CTR is the ratio between the number of times your banner is shown to the number of times a person clicks on your banner. Currently, the average CTR on BBS Xchange is 12.1:1 ! For every 12 banners shown, someone has clicked on one! An average CTR for a BBS related page on one of those other banner exchanges is about 93:1. Your banner would have to be shown almost 100 times before being clicked on.



June 30, 2016: Matt Rung has resumed control of BBS Xchange, as Steven Reeves appears to have vanished.
There was currently an issue in which modern browsers cache the banners, resulting in the user being sent to a previously clicked site. This is now fixed.

May 5, 2009: Steven Reeves (aka TheButler4) is now maintianing the BBS Xchange. All boards that are no longer up and running are being removed..

March 20, 2007: Michael Preslar has decided to part ways with the BBS Xchange, and as such, the BBS Xchange will now be maintained by PC Micro. All unvalidated accounts are now validated.

April 28 2004: After running in auto-pilot mode for well over a year, the BBS Xchange is now being maintained again! Matt Rung no longer had time to update the site, so Michael Preslar from has stepped in to fill the possession.

Currently all sites are being checked to make sure they still have the BBSX Banner code on their primary page, and those that do not are being disabled. Also, please make sure your banner is 400x40 (or 440x40 with the BBSX logo), and also make sure that your banner is not animated.

Please keep in mind that if you update your Banner or URL, the system requires an administrator to validate that the new Banner or URL is BBS related, and not some p0rno banner. :)

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