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Old News

December 22nd 1999: After several days of downtime, the new BBS Xchange is finally back up and running! We've replaced the login engine with a commercial perl script. This will solve some of our previous minor hickups, and will provide you with a better summary of banner displays, hits, clicks, and percentages, so you can really see whats going on at your site. We are now hosted by the BBS Organization.

August 10th 1999: The banner exchange should be up and running again. We are working on a long term solution to the problem that occured last week. Thank you for your patience during this incident.

July 31st 1999: It has come to our attention that the main program handling everything has a serious bug. The program is currently under repair and will be working again soon.

June 23rd 1999: All of the "members" that did not have BBS-related sites have been removed from the exchange. Also, BBS Xchange no longer requires cookies to operate properly.

June 20th 1999: OK, this is really getting annoying. Today, any and all sites not realted to BBS's will be locked from the exchange. If you happen to find a site on the exchange that is not BBS related, please email us.

June 17th 1999: I am back now and ready to fix the problems that came up while I was gone.

May 23rd 1999: I will be on vacation for a couple of weeks starting the 25th. If you find any problems with the exchange while I am gone, please feel free to email me while I am gone. I will respond to all email when I come back.

May 19th 1999: The problem with joining and using a banner from an existing URL not working has been completely fixed. This fix also affects current members' ability to replace their banner with a new one using the URL-method.

May 18th 1999: We have created our own search engine submission program called Auto-Add. Feel free to use it to register your web page with several major search engines.

May 11th: It seems many people are either trying to take advantage of BBS Xchange or just don't understand what a BBS-related site is. We know there are a few "members" that do not have a site related to BBS's in any way. This will be fixed in the coming weeks as each new member will have to be verified before being added to the exchange.

May 8th 1999: We are almost up to 130 members! A poll booth has been set up to see what you want in BBS Xchange. So vote now!

May 5th: Since being listed in Yahoo, 8 new members have been added. Another performance upgrade to the exchange software is being worked on and should be operational within the next week or so.

If anyone would like to volunteer to create banners for current and potential members, please mail us.

The Help section has been updated slightly.

May 1st 1999: BBS Xchange is now listed at Yahoo!

April 30th: It seems BBS Xchange transfers over 30,000 banners per month now! We are also up to 115 members!

April 8th 1999: We have reached 100 members as of today! Please keep telling your friends about BBSX! The whole site has been redesigned. The software running the exchange is in the process of being updated to increase speed.

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